Hello players! We have decided to make some discounts on donate items - all the info is listed below. To get yourself a set or anything - contact any GM or Admin in game, skype, discord, facebook, whatsapp or forum! 


1. Items starting Full Fire 5lvl (DOES NOT APPLY TO FF 1lvl ITEMS): -40% if buy 1 item, -50% if buy 2 or more items.
2. SETS(Starting Combo 1.0/Full Fire 2.0, DOES NOT APPLY TO Full Fire 1.0 set): -40% if buy 1 set, - 50% if buy 2 sets, -60% if buy 3 or more sets.
3. Combo 2.0 ===> 2.5, 3.0 UPGRADE: - 40%


Gold Credits: 200% bonus after donation. To claim bonus contact NoLimitBM (or other GM) after donate is done, bonus will be added manually. 
VIP: MEGA DISCOUNT: 3 MONTH PLATINUM VIP ONLY FOR 61 EURO(1 month price) - PM GM for payment details.

2020-11-22 15:44

New GameMaster's required.

Hello dear players! We have an openings in Game Master possitions. DestroyBM(Destino) has decided to leave GameMaster possition, that is why we have 2 (!!!) free spots in GM! As a Game Master you have your duties and you have your bonuses as well! If you think you are suitable for this possition - apply on forum and get players to vote for you! :-)

It's best if you are from timezones GMT+8 or other time zone that is far from our usual +0 or +2. No GM expierience is required, we teach you everything. Good English skills are required tho. :-) 


You can apply here: Applications to GM

Requirements and template here: Template


2020-11-18 15:50

November 2020 Grand reset race and online hour rate

Hello players!
Grand Recet race of November 2020 has started!
This month we will be giving prizes to ONLY TOP5 Players. Not TOP9 / TOP12 like last times. But what a prize... :)

TOP1: Combo 3.0 set (worth 210 euro),
TOP2: Horus set (worth 200 euro),
TOP3: Combo 2.5 set (worth 180 euro),
TOP4: Combo 2.0 set (worth 110 euro),
TOP5: Full Fire 2.0 set (worth 80 euro).

Win with VIP! VIPs can make resets faster!


Online hours exchange rate:

For this month we also are setting online hour exchange rate to 200%. That means for each online hour you can get 20 Gold Credits. To request online hour exchange please go to our forum. Requests will be checked once a week, make sure to post your request on friday!


New player freebie:
You can also request freebies on forum one time! Freebie is 5k Gold Credits for easy start! All info here.


2020-11-01 19:02

Auction & Grand Reset race!

Hello players! Here is last auction stats!

This auction wasn't like others, we got 5lvl Full Fire items, each worth 15 euro. Total there was 16 items, do the math..! :-)


Here is results of auction:


1. Brave Glovs +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - INTEX - 10200;
2. Brave Boots +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - INTEX - 8355;
3. Brave Helm +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - Thginkkard - 2805;
4. Brave Pants +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - CauBeRong - 7200;
5. Brave Armor +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - Thginkkard - 5610;
6. Divine Boots +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - Logic - 1892;
7. Divine Glove +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - Logic 1530;
8. Divine Pants +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - RedHors101 - 510;
9. Divine Helm +FO +13 +5xFF 5lvl - RedHors101 - 510;
10. Divine Armor +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - SoulFreakZ - 216
1. Inberial Staff +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - SKABE 2040;
2. Deadly Staff +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl (MG) - MIXBK - 2040;
3. Flameberge +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - SKABE - 7140;
4. Sword Breaker +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - Logic - 5355;
5. Sword Breaker +13 +FO +5xFF 5lvl - DarkEvz - 2699;
6. Flameberge +13 +FO +5x FF 5lvl - K3nshii - 2805


Next auction is 14.11.2020 18:00 Server Time (/time).



To these items Rules 1.10 and 1.11 apply. 


1.10 It is not allowed to sell or trade pieces of Full Fire/Combo/Special sets to avoid missunderstandings, for safe selling, contact admin for information check! 
Punishment: Item removal / character / account block

1.11 Devias2 is an non-donator PvP zone. Players with donated Full Fire, Full Reduce, Full Ref or Full HP items is not allowed to fight there. 
Punishment: Warning, Character ban 1 - 14 days


Request your freebies on forum in topic Freebies for Newbies!


Grand Reset Race info:


This month Grand Reset race winners are:

1. DragonBoy

2. Rotaidalgc

3. MagicStorm


5. AbstractMG

6. zixis

7. KidNab

8. Zachary

9. Elen

10. LCMM

11. Odinsonn

12. WinnerWin


Congrats to all winners, prizes(VIP + Gold Credits) will be added shortly. 
PS. Prizes are added, get ready for next race! :-)


Next month race start 01.11.2020 19:00 Server Time(/time). 

2020-11-01 09:02

October 2020 Race!

Hello players!
Octorber 2020 Grand Reset Race is started!

This month prize list is:
TOP1 : Platinum VIP 15 Days + 70 000 Gold Credits
TOP2 : Platinum VIP 10 Days + 60 000 Gold Credits
TOP3 : Platinum VIP 10 Days + 30 000 Gold Credits
TOP4 - TOP7 : Gold VIP 10 Days + 10 000 Gold Credits
TOP8 - TOP12 : Silver VIP 10 Days + 10 000 Gold Credits


Winners of this month will have great advantage in next months race. Hint: SETS.
As always - newbies has 3 days Silver VIP and 20k Start credits, also you can request freebies in forum!
Race end: 31.10.2020 19:00 Server Time(/time)

2020-10-01 19:04

Grand Reset Race and other news!

Hello players and newcomers! The month is comming to end and here is latest info for you.

This month Grand Reset Race will end 30.09.2020 19:00 Server time(/time). After race is ended prizes will be added to winning players! It would be great if you would be online to inform me about details of the set, if there is any. To these items Rules 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 apply.
Next month Grand Reset Race will start 01.10.2020 19:00 Server time(/time). At this moment rankings will reset, Resets and Grand Resets will be deleted. Until then you have time to get max stats, if you don't have them. As always, nothing else will be deleted, only Resets and Grand Resets. Next month race prizes will be annouced at the start of race


Also we have some small changes in Web. 
1. From this month MASTER LEVEL Buy has new formula. Until now it was 15 euro per 200 master level. 
New formula: (200 Master Level - current Master Level) * 0.08 cents = Price. This makes master level with 0 level 1 euro more expensive, but in most cases it will be cheaper, because Master Level you already have is counted as discount. 

2. FIXED problem with CAPS and usual characters when LOG IN web. Web Warehouse was not working and there was problems with character resets/grand resets. This is resolved and should be working fine now. Please contact me if you face any unexpected problem. 

3. ADDED notification system, currently there are "Auction, Market, GM Event", notification will apear in top right corner when logged in. 



2020-10-01 16:23

New race is up!

Hello players and newcomers! New Grand Reset race is UP!

This month TOP9 Players will be rewarded with following:
TOP1: Combo 2.0 set
TOP2-TOP5: Combo 1.0 set
TOP6-TOP9: Full Fire 1.0 set

Let the race begin! Race end 01.10.2020(!

Q: If I level up MG, can I request set for BM?
A: No, you will get set character class that you are winning with.
Q: Is KS and PK in spots allowed?
A: No, you can use our forum to report incidents. 
Q: Can I sell set after winning?
A: No, Full Fire and Combo set parts is not allowed to sell or trade. 


Note. To these sets and their parts Rules 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 apply.

2020-09-01 18:01


Hello players!

Rewards for last month Grand Reset Race is added, new race will be up today! Stay tuned for latest news!

2020-09-01 08:42

Grand Reset race & Online Hours!

Hello players and newcommers!

As promissed, new Grand Reset Race is up! 
This month will make it a bit different. Same as last time, winners are those, who have the most Grand Resets and Resets. This time there will not be winners in each character class, but only 9 overall winners. 
Grand resets and resets are set to 0 for all characters in server, everyone automatically takes part in this race / event. 
TOP1: Platinum VIP 15 Days + 30 000 Gold Credits,
TOP2 - TOP5: Gold VIP 15 Days + 20 000 Gold Credits,
TOP6 - TOP9: Silver VIP 10 Days + 15 000 Gold Credits.
Winners of this month race will have VIP advantage on next month race - also other prizes are expected. 


Online Hours!
Also, new Online Hour exchange rate is UP, we might even call it an event! Till end of this month (31.08.2020) we are offering you 150% rate for Online Hour ==> Gold Credits exchange. Till the end of this period you can get 15 Gold Credits for each Online Hour. As always, all Online Hour exchange requests needs to be posted on FORUM



We also have new GameMasters in our team - lets welcome everyone: 
1. Destino (DestroyBM) - Espanol GM (Espanol/English speaking)
2. Koparius (Lochas) - Lithuanian GM (Lithuanian/English speaking)
We hope to spend some quality time together!

2020-08-02 10:32

Grand Reset Race and Online Hour Double Rate.

Hello players!
Our first Grand Reset Race is finished and sets are added to winners! DK/BK/BM class winners should contact any of GM/Admin in game and tell us you want Brave or Titan set with SB or FB Swords. Note that Rules 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 apply for these sets/items. I am planing to make next Grand Reset Race this month, but with other prize. Feel free to give me your ideas in Discord/forum. 

Also the double exchange rate for online hours is ended. Requested exchanges will be done today. Let me know if you like these kind of events and feel free to share your ideas in forum/discord. 

Note that new month has started, topsites are reseted - boost our ranks with few votes to get more new players to join our great community! Invite your friends, let them invite their friends! Guild migration option is in plan, follow the news on forum! 


Cya all online!

2020-08-01 07:17