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1. Introduce yourself to players reading this application. (Link to your Say "Hello" post)
2. What is your IGN (In Game Nickname)?
3. Wich character of your's will be GM character?
4. For how long are you a member of NoLimit.lv?
5. What brought you to MU-NoLimit?
6. What is your base MU knowledge? Rate from 1-10 please.
7. Do you have GM experience? If yes , then how many comands do you know?
8. What is your language skills?
9. What is your aim/goal to complete, if you recieve the GM status?
10. What is your average online hours per day ratio? (How much hours on average you spend in NoLimit.lv)
11. How old are you? 
Please be aware, that GameMasters also have Rules and GameMasters have duties, and if you will brake the Rules as a GameMaster, your position will be dissolved, and your account will be banned. 
As a Game Master you will need to have an Skype account, because all communication with team happens in SKYPE.
Before Apply For GM Stats you need to know all Applications that not meet minimum standard will be
Automaticly close that's means if you are not member of NoLimit atlest 3 months / have low activity
on forum...As GM you need cover all areas not just help newbies with some resets or make 1-3 Events
like player. GM need to be active daily, alot of pations, nice attitude, Fair to all, hones ,thrust worthy and help players with problems !
We are not making Multicultural GM list that's means - You don't have GM from X-country make one !... We don't need and will not make GMs from each

You Don't Need GM Status If :
- You are bored of playing and don't know what to do
- You have some ides to improve game play / Server ( Share you ideas in Forum ) it will help you when you apply !
- You think you gona get some benefits ( WE DOING THIS FOR FREE )
---No extra Gold Credits , Items , or Ingame Drop ( GM is not allowed to drop items for Himself or other player if is not part of Event ! )

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